Predictive maintenance solution dedicated for early detecting failures of rotating machines such as motors, pumps, fans. MOLOS.ICM is determining technical condition and predicts time to failure of monitored equipment.





Building a predictive maintenance solution requires jointly IoT technology in order to monitor working parameters and determining current technical condition of machines in combination with machine learning algorithms that predicts how this condition will look like in the future. Base on that knowledge, organization can in advance make decisions about spare parts purchase and create maintenance schedules avoiding at the same time disruptions in the production process.


MOLOS.ICM solution is dedicated for rotating machines such as motors, pumps and fans, for which it applies spectral analysis of vibrations combined with the temperature monitoring and based on those measurements, algorithms are calculating RUL (remaining Useful Lifetime) coefficient. RUL coefficient can be determined for the whole machine or for its specific components (i.e. bearing or transmission) depending on the number of sensors.


MOLOS.ICM solution is available in the regular industrial construction or in special ATEX version dedicated for the hazardous areas.

How MOLOS.ICM works?


Connect non-invasive, magnetic vibration and temperature sensors to a monitored machine using industrial IoT devices MOLOS.HUB i MOLOS.EXT/FFT calculating spectral analysis on the edge and sensing results to the Microsoft Azure cloud, where machine learning algorithms are determining technical condition of the machine and calculating RUL coefficient predicting remaining time until failure.


Obtain access to the measurements and results of the ML algorithms operation using web browser, mobile application and manage push notifications with detected failures on your cell phones.


Extend the solution with the additional analog or digital measurements using MOLOS.EXT/* devices, energy consumption using MOLOS.ENERGY devices or utilize other features of the MOLOS.CLOUD framework such as data acquisition from current OT infrastructure (PLC/HMI/DCS/SCADA) or integration with the corporate tools.

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Connecting magnetic sensors

  • Vibrations and temperature measurements
  • FFT spectral determination on the edge
  • Encrypted communication with the MS Azure cloud
  • Local OT integration

Cloud and algorithms setup

  • Condition based maintenance
  • ML based failure prediction
  • Coefficient calculations (WSK, RUL)
  • Data flow and data storage
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Predictive maintenance

  • Online maintenance
  • Web and mobile online app
  • Dynamics 365 / Sharepoint / Field Services integration
  • Push notifications about failures



Introduce digital transformation in the field of management of your critical infrastructure by introducing IoT, smart measurement systems, and machine learning technology.

Situational awareness symbol

Reduce production downtime

Avoid unexpected costs of production downtime and optimize management of your spare parts stock

Business models

Repair and maintenance policy optimization

Optimize service schedules of the machines based on their real technical condition

Energy efficiency

Increased energy efficiency

Maintain machines in optimal working conditions and reduce up to 20% of energy costs

Money - symbol of lower costs

Maintenance cost reduction

Reduce your service and maintenance costs up to 30% by applying remote management and predictive maintenance


MOLOS.ICM is a comprehensive predictive maintenance solution that can work as a stand-alone and autonomous system as well as can be fully integrated with the local OT infrastructure and corporate IT systems.

IoT Hardware

Connectivity symbol

MOLOS.HUB for Microsoft Azure cloud communication

FFT waves

MOLOS.EXT/FFT for vibrations and temperatures measurements and on the edge calculations (FFT spectral determination and coefficients)

Sinus wave symbol

MOLOS.EXT/UI for additional analog (4-20mA and 0-10V) sensors

Temperature sensor

MOLOS.EXT/IT for additional analog (4-20mA) and temperature (PT100) sensors

Digital wave

MOLOS.EXT/DI for additional digital inputs

Analog sensors

Non-invasive, magnetic vibration and temperature sensors


Special ATEX version for hazardous areas

Visualisation in a MOLOS.CLOUD app
Visualisation in an application


Fast access to data

Machine learning algorithm for determining Remaining Useful Lifetime

Online visualiser

Online visualisation from Web application

MOLOS.CLOUD mobile apps for Android & iOS

Mobile app (iOS, Android) for incident notification

Advanced charts

Any SCADA/Historian integration

ABB logo

ABB Ability™ integration

Microsoft Sharepoint access

Microsoft Sharepoint integration

Microsoft logo

Microsoft Field Services integration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 logo

Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration

TLS v1.2 encryption

TLS 1.2 communication encryption support

Microsoft Active Directory logo

Microsoft Active Directory for user authentication and authorization

MOLOS.ICM clients


MOLOS.ICM solution is utilized for remote monitoring and building IIoT platforms by international manufacturers of machines and by large industrial and energy companies.

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